Tuesday, June 19, 2007

to do or not to do

It's been a busy week and today is only Tuesday. My summer to do list is a mile long and progress seems to be slow. I've been trying to finish planting some new items in the yard since last week and finally today I got the front bed started. I've done a better job of putting in daylillies and hostas which will miraculously come up on their own with little coaxing each spring. I removed the pansies in anticipation of some begonias to fill in the blank spots, but never got around to planting them. Maybe I'll finish it today. I did actually finish the screened porch and back deck plantings a week or so ago. That was a two day ordeal because I was planting tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and banana peppers among the flowers. Yum, that should pay off come July.

We picked up Jordan from church camp on Saturday and I was thrilled to have that girl with us again. I missed her a lot last week -- partly because it was week two of camp and partly because this camp had no online prescence to share the week's photos. We got spoiled with the Girl Scout camp because they take digital pictures and share them online the same day. (Of course you can purchase them at a later date.) Church camp is a little more basic. Jordan came away with the "most studious" Bible student award and her cabin of youngest girls won the cleanest cabin award and 2nd place in the Junior Skit night performance. All in all, not a bad week for Jordan. She seems happy to be home though.

This week my cousin is coming from Alabama to visit over the weekend. She is bringing her daughter to a tennis camp here in Marietta. The camp sounds really cool and is actually held at the athletic club in Dave's office park. That athletic club is owned by Robby Ginepri, a tennis pro, and his coach. I am looking foward to having Laura Brooke here all week. I hope she can put up with the household craziness...she's a third child so she should be oblivious to it. ;-)

Oh yes, remind me to tell you about a date I planned last weekend for Dave to enjoy. He says I hit a homerun on Friday night so I guess I did alright. We went out to see some local music and enjoy dinner. It was midnight before we came home which is l-a-t-e for us. It was worth it for the evening's smiles. I'll tell you more tomorrow.

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