Monday, June 04, 2007

camp updates

or perhaps I should have titled this "leaving your oldest in the woods with her friends". Jordan was happy as a lark when we checked her into Girl Scout camp on Sunday afternoon. She seemed like an old pro since this was her second year. I remember being bewildered at the forms and list of required items last year. This year it seemed more manageable to pack those fancy rubbermaid containers.

Dave was scheduled for a plane flight on Sunday afternoon at the exact time of Jordan's dropoff so he said his goodbyes here at home and then his father joined us for the trip to camp. Pop-pop was a huge help and it all went smoothly thanks to his extra hands. Here is Jordan in front of the main dining hall. You can see the beginnings of a path in front of the building. That path takes you down past the horse stables and to the lake area. The camp has its own little harbor area.

William and Grace were excited for Jordan, but then missed her as soon as we got home. Grace asked when she could go to camp. That girl is not scared of anything!

The items required to sleep in the great outdoors:

Jordan's troop friend and tent mate, Catherine:

There are four total beds in the tent and Jordan recognized one tent mate from last year's camp experience. This is basically a repeat of the last photo, but I wanted you to see the tent cabin. (disregard the slant caused by the motherly photographer)

Today I logged into the camp website to check out the digital photos taken during the day. (So cool and comforting!) I found Jordan doing something that looked like tie dying and also a few photos eating lunch. There were some photos down by the water of girls awaiting a ride on the banana boat and she appeared to be among that crowd. I think she's having a good time. William looked at the photos and then had several questions about why boys were not allowed at the camp and what kind of things Jordan was doing. He's missing her and has felt her absence several times today. He was my buddy throughout the day. It's been a good chance for him to take the lead position here at home and show me he's a big boy.

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