Wednesday, August 08, 2007

school bells are ringing

I didn't want to disappoint you again or receive inquiring emails so I thought it best to post an update. Summer is flying by in a hurry and we are struggling to capture the very last taste of it before school starts next week. This week has been filled with Kindergarten Orientation (for parents only) and Meet and Greet (for kids and parents). Both events boast more forms than you signed while applying for a mortgage. I've got more ahead of me tomorrow and and we deliver the last of the school supplies to the room in preparation for next week. William is beyond thrilled to be at the "big school" and Jordan promises to acknowledge him occassionally in the hallway. Since she's a big 5th grader this might be difficult on her reputation. The school posted teacher assignments on the front entry windows last Wednesday night and I'm pretty happy about both kid's situations. I think they've gotten experienced and fun teachers. William gets to be the first class to use the newly remodeled kindergarten wing. Both are looking forward to using the new art and music wing. Me? I'm just glad I won't have to deal with the chaos that construction created for two years. Our school looks awesome and the teachers look like they are walking on air.

We had family come through last week while they were moving from Maryland to Texas. Josh and Claudia looked great...especially to be in the middle of a move. Their 21 month old Theo was adorable. What a blessing to have a night with them as they moved such a long distance.

Oh yes, our television in the family room has been out of order since the middle of July. I don't think there is much hope for it to be repaired so we a mulling our options right now. It's been interesting to be in a "less television" environment during the summer -- good in many ways. Don't think the kids are too deprived -- there are three other televisions in the house. ;-) Our cable went out due to weather a few days ago and Grace actually thought that Dave had cut off the service (How does a three year old think something like that?) and so she mentioned how that was "just not right". Funny, eh?

I'd best get to bed because Meet and Greet is early in the morning. I'll try to drop a line tomorrow night to give you William's first impressions of his teacher. Ironically Jordan's teacher has a son in the same kindergarten classroom this year.

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Caroline said...

I was wondering where you were!! Our summer flew by too. Sounds like your summer was full