Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

Dave's carving masterpieces. Each pumpkin was chosen by a kiddo and then they picked their design and worked on it with Dave. Grace's pumpkin was short and stubby and so the bat fit just right. William liked Darth Vader and Jordan wanted Auburn's logo.

We started at the neighborhood pizza party. It's a bit crazy getting there early enough, but is a great place to start the night...and there is no other chance to really get the kids to eat real food unless you take advantage of this party. By the way, William changed his mind and wanted to be Darth Vader instead of a Jedi. He's six and we already had the costume thanks to my sister, so I guess we have the whole Star Wars costumes for future playdates.

Grace near the playground:

And Grace with a circle of princess friends:

Jordan with her "nerdy" girlfriends. I must say that I'm thrilled to see the creativity beginning to blossom in the costume selections now.

We then gathered in a central yard on our street and actually enjoyed some neighbortime. Halloween is one of the greatest times to meet new and old friends in the neighborhood. It seems like people are just hungry to socialize that night. It's an awesome reason to be in a neighborhood with kids. Jordan enjoyed a little time with her buddies and we took the little kids door to door for the classic experience. How was your Halloween?


Claudia said...

Awesome pumpkins! Looks like a good time was had by all.

Maufi said...

Love the pumpkins. Great pics. They all look wonderful.


Caroline said...

those were amazing pumpkins

ruth said...

Wow, you have one talented husband ... those are some awesome jack-o-lanterns! Looks like H'ween was a blast - glad you all had such a great time!

Anonymous said...

Tell Dave we were really impressed with the pumpkins! What a great Dad to take the time to carve one with each kiddo. It looks like your crew had a great time.
Julie King

Ann said...

Hey thanks for blogging on your blogs with all those great Halloween stars to Claudia, Ilka, Caroline, and Dori! I really enjoyed seeing them. Now, all of you who don't blog are required to send me photos of your cuties...yes, I mean you Ruth and Julie!