Tuesday, October 30, 2007

pictures galore

Wow. October 30th already. I honestly believe that October is one of the busiest months familywise. We've been busy since our pumpkin patch experience. Jordan and I went to a Mother/Daughter campout at the same campground where she attends in the summer. It is on Lake Allatoona, just north of where we live. It was a profitable weekend together. There are not many opportunities to have just one child alone for one-on-one time and I really enjoyed taking advantage of this opportunity. When I think of Jordan attending middle school next year I am simply amazed. It seems like just yesterday I was pondering her preschool options. She's changed a great deal in the last year and last weekend was a great opportunity to further our relationship.

Here is a picture we took of ourselves down on the Lake.

You may have heard of the 100 year drought conditions we have had lately...well, this photo is the lakebed exposed. This is normally where Jordan swims during the summer. My photos from the kayak and canoe areas are even sadder. The water which is left simply looks like puddles in the middle of the lakebed. The amazingly fun thing to do was explore the lakebed. There were lots of interesting rocks, geodes, and skeletons among the mussel shells. It was a sight to see.

Jordan got to see the horse she helped train this summer. The horse remembered her and came running up to the front of his stall when she called his name. She was elated. Unfortunately the horse misbehaved on the trail -- much to Jordan's chagrin. I am grateful that she has enjoyed her experience with horses during the summer though because it is a valuable change from our surburban life here in town.

And after the horseback ride she and her troopmates got to enjoy the heated swimming pool. 85 degrees...now that's the life, huh?

We did so many things on that trip -- scrapbooking, smores, hiking, a scavenger hunt, and laughing --and I learned more about how self sufficient and capable my daughter had become. We are so often interrupted in our conversations and in a rush to get somewhere that we miss out on those things. This last trip photo is of Jordan as we headed out Sunday morning to church. We stopped off where the lake is normally filled to the brim with water, but now has grass growing in it. Jordan is pointing to a sign she thought was hilarious given the current water situation.

Then last Monday Jordan attended the State Honors Chorus event at Shorter College. It was a long day (7 am until 10 pm), but the 5th graders did a great job. Here the kids are on a well-deserved break with their Chorus Director, Mr. Tighe:

And finally, here is a preview of my gang's halloween getup. We were in Alabama this weekend visiting family and my nephew had a halloween birthday party. Here are the kids at my parent's house:


Dorable said...

How can a day be long at Shorter College??? Ijust dont get it!

Oh, and dressing up in a robe must be all the rage, because that is what Ally is dressing up in too!

Ann said...

You are too funny Dori! The irony didn't even occur to me until your comment. Believe me, it was a pretty long day.

Jordan's outfit is called "Spa Girl".

Claudia said...

It looks like you totally scored with the Halloween costumes - everyone looks great. I love "spa girl" - how creative! Tell me that you were not serious about Jordan entering Middle School in the fall - I am quite certain that I remember when she was 3 years old. Aunt Libby's wedding and a tiny girl in a dress her Grandmother made comes to mind...

Ann said...

Awww Claudia, you made me misty eyed...has it been that long since we first met you. I remember being pregnant with William when you first came to Maryland.