Monday, October 08, 2007

william's concept of a bridal shower

Yesterday Jordan and I attended a bridal shower for a friend's daughter at our church. It was a beautiful shower and happy occassion. The shower was held at the home of a couple in our small group. A year ago their home burned while they were on a vacation and they have spent the last year gracefully surviving this tragedy and rebuilding a home on the same property. They are truly an inspirational couple.

Only 30 minutes after the shower Julia, the hostess, had planned for our small group (growing families church group) to gather at her house to eat the remaining shower goodies and enjoy potluck. She's a brave one to host two events in one day, right? So Jordan and I stayed at Julia's house and Dave brought our potluck item, Grace, and William. Dave loads them into the car and starts backing up when he hears this question from the back,

William: "Is the shower over?"

Dave: "Yes, it's over."

William: "Dad, do you think the ladies will be done drying off?"

Dave: "Drying off???"

William: "Yes, drying off from the shower they took together. Do they share towels?"

Dave: "Um, no son. That's not exactly what a bridal shower means."


Sue said...

LOL, Ann. It reminds me of a story about Ashley. We went to a baby shower when she was around 3 or so and she was wondering when we were all going into the bathroom. I didn't understand what she meant until she explained to me that she thought a baby shower was when the person having the baby took a shower and the other people watched her open gifts in the shower!! LOL. I explained what a baby shower was and she was disappointed!!!

Maufi said...

Love it, it's priceless. LOLOL