Tuesday, November 29, 2005

fisch thankful face hurt

So you don't understand my title? Aw, come on. Guess what skill I am perfecting? Being a media savvy designer, I thought I might practice writing those subject lines that come in the spam email. It might just be an important job skill of the future -- applicant needs to be able to convey deep meaning for annoying scam mail while avoiding spam filters. How did I do? Do you like the typo and everything? Actually all those words (spelled correctly) are in my post today.

We went to see the new Georgia Aquarium last Monday....us and 12,000 other season passholders. It was an awesome experience. Some of the tanks are just amazing and the kids had a blast watching all the animals. As we were in line awaiting entry, we got to show the kids some real life protesters. There were two groups: "House People Before Fish" and "Fish in Tanks? No Thanks!" Jordan wanted to know why people were protesting even though they were wrong. ;-) Of course this led into the "everyone has a right" discussion, but it was hard not to crack a smile at her analogies. William only wanted to know where to buy the homemade shark head on one of the protesters. He said he'd really like that for Christmas. Here are a few photos:

We had a good Thanksgiving holiday with my parents in Alabama. They were very brave to host such an occassion since they are going through a kitchen remodel. I kept thinking that this was the last holiday meal to be served off of the old counters in the kitchen. I'm really excited for them and hope they enjoy their dream kitchen soon. My father's homemade cornbread dressing was wonderful and the Turkey got eaten in one sitting. I made a sweet potato casserole (basically sweet potatoes with a praline topping that is very bad for you.) and we had all the other classic sides.

I kept trying to get the kids dressed nicely for the family meal, but all they wanted to do was play outside. The weather was nice and they had cousins around. Finally I relented and just requested some clean play clothes since they had gotten a bit of Alabama on their old clothes. My nephew, Drake, brought a fly wheel to race around the driveway. William, thinking he was Superman, chased the fly wheel down my parent's steep driveway. He took a face dive onto the concrete and left some DNA there. The kids came running in saying that William was hurt...and in the usually parental nonchalance we all mumbled for him to come let us look at it and we'd get a bandaid. William rounds the corner into the hallway and every adult nearly passed out. There was blood pouring down his face from his forehead to his chin. It took a good hour to clean him up. Thankfully there were no major injuries and most of the problem could be covered in neosporin. It was quite a sight even a day later. Amazingly the little guy has continued to heal and it looks better each day. We were fortunate to not lose teeth or have stitches. William became quite embarrassed each time someone would ask about his injury so we taught him to say "You should see the other guy!" and he regained a little humour about the whole ordeal.

And huge kudos go to my dear husband who actually suggested shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. I suppose we were so excited to have babysitters that we were willing to get up before sunrise to make the sales. Dave did not know that people were so serious about the whole deal...but when we arrived a Jacks to get a biscuit in my small town we saw campers in the parking lot of Walmart. Arriving at ToysRUs we had to park in a remote lot and then Dave chased a woman out to her car for the cart. A first for him. We never saw a fight, but apparently there were some. We got most of our shopping done for the season though so I guess it wasn't all bad. By late afternoon we were dragging. We still have a few details to finish, but overall I'd say that we accomplished something on that crazy day. Quite a date with your husband, huh? I'm impressed he even wanted to try the experience.

Jordan interviewed her Great Grandmother, Gladys Epperson, during our trip home. Mammaw is 92 years old in a week and she's in better health than most people my age. No special drugs for any of the common ailments and she lives by herself in a big apartment. She is constantly giving of her time and energy to help others. And, she still works at the elections. She's amazing. Dave videotaped the event and I cracked up when I saw it. Jordan introduced Mammaw and tied up the interview like she was working on Good Morning America.

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