Wednesday, November 09, 2005

mom survival (a.k.a. the park)

Jordan was out of school today because of election day. (Funny, I don't remember them getting out for the presidential election last year...) Around lunchtime I took the three indians to the East Cobb Park to enjoy the weather. Apparently every other parent in the area had the same idea. The park was a madhouse. Translated that means that Jordan and William were thrilled. Amazingly, Grace survived without being trampled by some big kid. Here are some photos I snapped while chasing them all over the place.

Grace in the swing with Jordan pushing

Jordan and Grace together

"Do you really think I can handle this big slide Mom?" (Jordan went down with her following this photo.)

Grace, your siblings will always be telling you how to drive.

The amount of business transacted by people with handhelds was interesting. I heard one real estate agent talking about her deal while her 4 year old played with mine; a personal trainer canceling an appointment; a Dad who was typing at warp speed on his treo phone. People with little babies who normally come to the park to read a book while their baby sleeps were taken aback by the chaos. Some actually had scared looks on their faces as they saw school aged kids zoom by their strollers. It was humorous. I feel like I'm the member of several clubs now -- the school aged moms, preschoolers, and infants. It's like switching mom hats because there is a different knowledge required for each I walked with Grace one of those perplexed new mothers asked me why the park was so busy. Um, I think she'll find out what school holidays are about in 5 years or so.


Jeremy said...

We actually came by the park yesterday and kept on driving. There were no parking spots! That's never a good sign, so we went to the playground in my parent's neighborhood (Chimney Springs). That was much more peaceful. And by peaceful I mean it was me and the boys and a couple of our friends.

And if you think the moms look at the Treo using dads a little strange, you should see the second looks I get when we show up. Some of the East Cobb moms don't quite know what to make of the tattoos. Add the Palm Pilot and they're all kinds of perplexed.

Ann said...

Welcome friend! Anyone who like's Guthrie's chicken is allowed to comment on my blog. ;-)

BTW, I'm not sure I fit the typical East Cobb mom scene. I do like the schools here though. Guess it's a tradeoff.