Friday, November 11, 2005

misc. mundane

A day or so after Halloween William walked by Grace's playpen with Skittles in his hand. Check out Grace's clever ploy to draw him closer and then grab the goods:

And the long awaited photo of the salt clay map has arrived. The map finally made it home after a showing at school and then a display time at the library. Remind me to snap photos of things that are monumental before they get delivered to the school. I'm lucky the thing survived it's travels. Jordan is very proud of it still. Maybe it just reminds her that she got to make a mess which was justifiable as a school project.

And lastly, here is the reason that you cannot leave the vicinity when Grace is in the highchair.

Little stinker manages to squeeze out of the SHOULDER STRAPS and then escape. The straps are already tight due to her brother's track record (you know, the moment where he managed to break his leg at 11.5 months in much the same way), but Grace has outdone the system. I specifically made it known that I would have a highchair with straps when Grace came to this world. (Remember that shopping trip honey?) Looks like my efforts are in vain. Tell me it's the age...oh please tell me this will pass.

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Jeremy said...

That's an awesome map. He should be proud.

As far as the escape attempts go, I've found that an 80 pound cold nosed, all tongue dog does the trick. Somehow, a huge affectionate, happy dog helps keep Allister distracted when he tries to escape. He forgets all about it and lets the dog lick his hands and laughs hysterically.