Saturday, December 17, 2005

but mommy

William seems like a born engineer. He's always leaning under something to take a look or fixing something. I hate to label a kid -- goodness knows I have no idea where my three will end up in this world -- but William just seems like a minature engineer at times. Georgia Tech is one of the best schools in the country for the engineering type. It pains me to say that my children may not attend Auburn, but I also know that realistically they will attend wherever the best opportunity arises.

My nephew is graduating from Georgia Tech's College of Architecture with a degree in Building Construction today. I'm so proud of him. So in the course of talking to William about appropriate behavior at the graduation ceremony last night the following conversation occurs:

ME: "...and one day you might just graduate from Georgia Tech. It's a pretty cool school."

WILLIAM: "But Mommy, but Mommy, I can't go to Georgia Tech!"

ME: "Why not?"

WILLIAM: "I want to go to pre-K first!"

The boy has a point. ;-)


caroline said...

Hi Ann, Wow William sounds so incredibly logical, what a wonderful gift that is for a parent. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. They are so wonderful and honest

Ann said...

Welcome aboard Caroline. Hope you had a good Christmas with the kids. Comment anytime.

Caroline said...

We did have a good Christmas with the kids. They are going to gymnastic camp this week