Thursday, December 15, 2005

an eight year old's thoughts on Santa

The following is a paper completed at school concerning Santa:

Write the names of the people you know who would enjoy riding The Polar Express to see Santa Claus. Include the names of friends, neighbors, classmates, and family members:
William McDermitt, Jordan McDermitt, Alexis Katz, Blake Kretzmer, Devyn Smyth, The Shook Family, Caroline White, Temi Akende, The Mancusos, Alexandra Eng-Nguyen, The Carpenter Family, Grace McDermitt, Drake and Alana

Who do you know who would not enjoy riding on this train?
Many parents do not believe in magic. (Not all.)

Why not?
They would not believe in Santa Claus.

Would you?
Yes, I would like to go to the North Pole.

Who is Santa Claus?
A jolly man who brings presents to people.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Yes, I do believe.

Explain your answer.
Well, I think he does not bring all presents.

Have you always felt this way about Santa Claus?
Yes I have

Well, my family always puts out milk and cookies.

Will you always feel the way you do now?

I guess once I get older I will lose faith.

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jill b said...

you don't believe in magic, ann?! ;)

but break my heart with that last line.