Friday, December 02, 2005

friday realization

William found a neon green piece of posterboard and wanted to spend the morning cutting it up and coloring on it. A bit of a mess? Of course -- there were jiblets everywhere. But it's nice to see him using his small motor skills so well so I relented. The little kid was overjoyed and spent over an hour in the floor working on his creation. He got the idea of a mask and with a little parental help he had some eye holes and a mouth. In the meantime Grace was watching. First she got into the crayons and messed up some of her brother's handiwork...and then she started motioning that she wanted a mask too. So I made her a mask too. The whole time I was cutting it she was nodding her head "yes" and saying "mmhmm mama". Finally she got her little hands on the crude mask and she immediately put it up to her face and said, "BOO!" She was very proud of herself because she could match up to her big brother.

Well, lets just say that I realized at that moment that Grace will be a force to contend with in the family. A great force, but a true match for Jordan and William. I felt blessed and scared all in the same second. Definitely mundane magic.

Snapshots from the scene:

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