Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas aftermath

Our house now contains:
- One little person driving a plastic pink cozy coupe around and around. Grace carries her phone and purse on board at all times and usually drinks milk while driving. She's born to drive around Atlanta.

- One 8.5 year old with aspirations of singing in American Idol. She got a Disney Mix Stick (mp3 player) from Santa and has been singing nonstop every since. It's a sight to see and hear.

- One construction expert who is using cardboard bricks to build life sized castles and hideouts. Unfortunately the mortar is not available for said bricks so these hideouts are susceptible to being run over by Grace in her car.

- Two tired parents who are trying to recover from a blessed, but busy year. (photos soon to be posted)

And, we had a neat experience yesterday. We went downtown to the Mariott Marquis to visit an old college friend of mine. The last time I saw Patricia was my wedding weekend in 1990. Patricia and her husband Stacy were in town for the Chickfila Peach Bowl with their daughters Taylor and Savannah. Stacy is the Head Offensive Coach for LSU so despite his Auburn roots he is now a LSU Tiger. We hung out in their hotel room for a while and let the kids play together. It was great fun getting to see them again after so long and nice to be included in their busy week. After leaving their hotel we drove around looking at things and ended up north of the city in a little place called Acworth. There is the most awesome cajun restaurant there...incredible place. It's called
Henry's Louisiana Grill and it alone must carry the little downtown strip of Acworth. People were lined up outside to eat there on a Wednesday night. We thought it was a fitting place to eat after our visit with Baton Rouge friends. Shoot, we would have brought Stacy and Patricia along but they had an important coach dinner to attend. ;-)

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