Friday, March 10, 2006

3rd grade music performance

Jordan with her friend Abby after the 3rd grade concert

Something good happened last night. We were scheduled to attend a PTA meeting where the third grade would perform their yearly performance. Our elementary schools no longer hold "programs" during the school day. That's how it worked when I grew up...but that was eons ago. No longer do they do a spring themed program during valuable school time. How many times did you sing "Here comes Peter Cottontail" during your elementary years? I do know that Jordan and the whole third grade had been practicing for this program for a while.

Now I don't like having to sit through a PTA meeting with two young kiddos in my lap, but they did make an effort to speed through the proceedings. I thank them for that favor. Then the featured show came. Mr. Tighe, the music teacher at Jordan's elementary school, came out with the group and he showed everything they have learned throughout the year. It was amazing. He took them through all the vocal scales. Talked about how they combine different learning styles to reach more children in the process and built upon each skill until we saw a finished set of musical pieces that included recorders, voice, and glockenspiels (xylophones). It's hard to explain, but trust me when I say that they are learning musical skills that will last them a lifetime. It completely blows you away when you realize the depth of knowledge they are given. There's nothing wrong with a themed program, but this blew the pants off of Peter Cottontail. American Idol contestants should be so lucky. It's so obvious that Mr. Tighe is talented and loves teaching children. What a nice thing to see. After the show Dave laughingly said that he'd be impressed with just getting six third grade classes to stand still, but that he was completely impressed with the night's performance.

So when you hear public education slammed, just think of Mr. Tighe and others like him. Call me sappy, but our children are lucky to have people like him in their lives.

Lots of little faces with Mr. Tighe directing. Jordan is in the middle on the front row

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That is way cool. My dd has a great music teacher too who has been at the school for probably 20 years or more. Last week Alyssa was commenting about some singer on American Idol and said "why did they have to use so much vibrato!" I tell you she learns so much more than I ever did in elementary music class.