Monday, March 27, 2006

the quiet to come

Our house is loud. Happy, chaotic, and loud. Three children under the age of 9 make a lot of noise. There are days when Dave and I cling to that little bit of quiet time after bedtime. We waited 7 years to start our family after our marriage and we were more than ready for this phase in our life. Still, I find myself uttering the statement, "Please, Mommy needs a moment to think." And occassionally a child looks at me like I might be "fragile." Maybe I am some days.

This weekend my sister-in-law came over to visit. She only lives five miles down the road, but it's nice to have a few moments to catch-up since everyone has crazy schedules. Alice has three children -- grown or almost grown. Her last one is graduating college next year. We only had two children at home since Jordan was off at a Girl Scout event. William had said, "Aunt Alice, Aunt Alice, ummmm I need to tell you something." almost a million times in her first hour here.

Finally I kindly apologized to her for the craziness. And she said something -- something she's told me before -- that stopped me in my over-apologetic southern tracks.

"One day, 18 years from now, these little noises will be gone and you will miss it with all your heart. I miss it and you will too."

I hope she keeps reminding me that the little moments -- the mundane moments -- are crazy memories that I'll miss one day.

(As I type this Jordan and William are having one of their "discussions". I'll miss it one day. I'll miss it one day. I'll miss it one day.)


Caroline said...

Ann, Someone once told me to repeat "This too shall pass" I try to remember that when my 2 are fighting. I will try to remember what Alice said too. Sometimes I wonder if I will miss it.

Ann said...

I use the "this too shall pass" motto also. It helps to put things into perspective. Jordan and William (Grace, too) have changed so dramatically each year and I have learned so much as a parent. It's completely humbling -- and exhausting.