Thursday, March 30, 2006

thursday trivials

We are scurrying around trying to get ready for our spring break trip right now. As always there is tons to do and not enough time to do it. We'll keep plugging away. We are headed to Hilton Head Island, SC for a little vacation. I think we all need it. Dave has been incredibly busy at work and I've been juggling all the chaos with our's time to get away and just not think about real life for a little while. I anticipate lots of sand play, chasing of a toddler, and sunscreen. Dave would probably put some golf in that mix too. I think the most exciting thing we have planned all week is to take a dolphin watching cruise with the kids. We are using our timeshare arrangement so the whole deal won't cost us that much. I'm excited -- completely unprepared, but excited.

Last week we signed up for the YMCA's Parent's Night Out program on Friday night. Grace was a little young so we took her with us...unfortunately she isn't the most pleasant dining partner right now. We ate at a favorite Thai restaurant and it was nice to have some time together as a couple. Grace consumed almost everything we ordered. Apparently she has no food predjudices right now. After picking up the kids we headed home. Jordan and William were chattering about their night with friends when suddenly William exclaimed in a "Home Alone" type voice,

"OH MY GOODNESS! I actually forgot to make friends tonight!!!"

Funny, no? He's been on a roll lately. I think you can blame the fact that he is four years old and bursting with something to say all the time. We were at the dentist the other day for Jordan and I had all three with me. (I started to post about the funny chorus of noise that we made while in that little exam cubicle, but I was too traumatized.) The funniest part came when William -- who had restrained himself from talking during the whole exam -- said,

"Um, Excuse me Mister Doctor Whatever Your Name Is, When do you think you will be done with Jordan so we can go home."

Can you say, "See Mom blush and fumble for something cute to say?" following that little man's performance. He'a an original one I guess.

Tomorrow is the day that we have to camp out for William's K4 spot. The actual registration is on Saturday morning, but we have to show up around 11 am on Friday to guarantee a spot. Dave and I plan to trade back and forth through the night. Should be loads of fun. Thankfully my niece Laura has taken mercy on us and offered to help with the kids tomorrow afternoon. (Did I mention how much I adore her?) Let's just say we'll be glad to get to Hilton Head in one piece. I'll try to keep posting updates through the week as we travel.

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