Thursday, March 16, 2006

ramblings in the key of springtime

Nothing new and monumental to post today. As usual it's been a busy week. Sunday we started off with a little excitement. We were getting everyone dressed for church when we noticed a rash on William. It progressed quickly, did not look like hives or allergy, but instead looked like Chicken Pox with the beginnings of pox blisters all over his body. Since there are a ton of pregnant people at church we decided to quarantine ourselves until we could get to the doctor on Monday. William was in good spirits, but didn't feel well. He began a low grade fever and we diagnosed him from internet pages. By Monday morning the whole thing looked worse. I took him to the doctor first thing. We were ushered directly to a room while mothers shielded their babies from us. The doctor looked William over good, touched the pox marks, and declared that it was an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin he had been taking for 9 days with no problem. We were given a steroid dosage at the office and then allergy medicine to take for the week. People still stood 15 feet away from us at the checkout line. It has taken three days for his skin to clear up. Looking back at the whole thing now I think we were fortunate that William did not have any breathing problems overnight from Sunday to Monday. His system is obviously allergic to any penicillin now.

We've been delivering the last of our Girl Scout Cookies. I bought a few extra cases to sell during the delivery. I was sweating a load about selling them, but the darn things sell themselves. Next year I would order more Somoas. I thought I was the only one who liked those better than the shortbread Trefoils and Thin Mints. Apparently not. Jordan's schedule is pretty busy each week. The amount of homework increases significantly during third grade and the commitment to after school activities does also. She has several big projects due this week. I was quizzing her last night for her Health test. William sat on my right hand side deeply interested in the textbook. He began to answer questions outloud. Dave asked him to be quiet so Jordan could answer them. William then leaned over to me and said so sincerely, "I'm gonna be ready for school. I was just getting ready for school with those answers." Ah, birth order just gotta love it.

I'm in the midst of lining up summer camp plans. William is still at the stage where you can pick a few fun theme day camps or sports camps and he'll be thrilled. Jordan is at the stage where you have to plan ahead for week long events which include week long camping and other activities to take her away from the chores he mother would assign to her over the summer break. I am excited that she will be attending a week long Girl Scout camp near Lake Allatoona. Dave once attended YMCA camps near that location and he said it is a beautiful place to learn to canoe, horseback ride, etc. It's hard to believe that she'll be nine this May.

Grace is becoming quite the little sister. William has an obsession with robots right now -- probably always will. Each morning he wakes up with a new assignment for the day. Yesterday it was to make a robot that moved like a snake. Problem is that Grace makes it her mission to mess with any project William is working on. I suppose it would help if William did not involve Grace's toys in the invention process. Earlier this week Dave started building a robot workbench with William in the basement. It all started when William asked Dave to bring home robot parts from work. That afternoon Dave came home with some parts. William was elated. They then progressed to the basement to begin making a workbench to keep things on and a few memories. It was fun to watch the excitement. I think Grace hopes that her toys will phase out of the robot part category soon. ;-)

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