Thursday, March 27, 2008


I sent the kids out the door this morning in picture day clothing. William is growing like a weed and seems to follow the "growing overnight" schedule. He went off in some khaki cargo pants and a light blue polo shirt. His class has a field trip following the photos so I had to send the class t-shirt (You know, the one with the school phone number on it just in case! LOL!) so the teacher could change him.

Here is the big change I noticed...about a week ago Jordan approached me about the photos. She wanted to make sure that I would do her hair on hot rollers for picture day. We did that for the Father-Daughter dance and she was thrilled with the results. I guess she wants to immortalize it in a 5th grade school photo. Funny thing was that she said it was too bad that the fall photos were used for the yearbook. At least the hair decision was easier than the clothing decision. I see this being an issue far too soon.


Caroline said...

Clothes and hair are a big issue here. Good luck with that. There are times I just give up on that end.

ruth said...

I feel your pain, my friend ...

Hebrew School carpool. Four 6th grade dudes -- all earnestly discussing the various scents of the Axe line (deodorant, bodywash, shampoo, body spray for those wondering, LOL!) And Abercrombie versus Aeropostale. Then segueing seamlessly into jokes about bodily functions.


I'm SO not ready for this stuff either!! Much luck!

Ann said...

Caroline - I think your point about picking battles is probably a good one. I need to learn that lesson more often...I'm sure I will this year.

Ruth! - I am LOL. I was at a middle school gym last night for a volleyball parents meeting. I look up on the wall and the coach has apparently blown up a news article about the negative effects of using AXE. I've got to find the source of that article. Stay tuned and I'll give you something to really laugh about.

Please tell me the bodily function jokes end soon...I'm already tired of it from a six year old. William loves to also laugh at his sisters. Like point and laugh. That's really popular around here. He loves it because he gets a big reaction from the victim.

Caroline said...

I think if clothes and hair and the biggest issues to deal with you are lucky. There are so many problems out there, with teen pregnancy, (which one of our 15 year old neighbors had a baby) and stuff like that. Hair, clothes and make up are minor. I tell my mom if that is all I have to deal with I will consider myself lucky.

That Axe stuff sounds funny, sorry. I know with Tommy that is just around the corner.

Caroline said...
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Ann said...

Ruth, Here is the article I saw:

and this more scientific commentary on the product:

Why in the heck does it contain butane?