Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter photos

We had a great Easter weekend. On Saturday there were two egg hunts (neighborhood + church) and a soccer game. Following that we had some friends from our old Navy days come through on their spring break. We've known Kent and Melissa for almost 18 years and it was so great to see them again. The last time we saw them was for their shipmate's funeral after 9/11 -- six years ago. They came in Saturday afternoon and we shared a southern meal of "Who loves ya baby back ribs" on the screened porch. The weather was beautiful and since they had left Ohio with snow they were thrilled to be nearing the 80s. They stayed overnight and we had lots of fun watching the kids tear into their easter goodies on Sunday morning together.

Here is a snapshot of Kent and Melissa's boys with Grace and Jordan. We quickly threw a kids table together once we saw how excited they were to dine outside.

Old shipmates, Dave and Kent:

Our Easter morning photo. As you can see it is difficult to get all three smiling sincerely at once. I got two out of three in this photo and considered that a success. They absolutely refused to do retakes this afternoon. Grace had begun the morning with a smocked orange dress. As I was completing my makeup she comes into my bathroom showing me where she got dry erase marker on the front. She was playing with a new toy of William's. (Any secret solutions to clean that???) I threw another dress on her and we headed out the door.

I did finally get a smile out of her at church with her first grade friend, Adelaide.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

I spoke to my dad about the marker stain. He said that it is probably permanent. When you write with one of those markers the "ink" turns to powder. He believes that the powder combined with fabric would be impossible to remove.

He then suggested going to the Tide website and checking their stain remover help link. This is where he learned how to remove crayon from clothing. If Tide doesn't have what you need then try the website of any cleaning / stain remover product you can think of and someone might have something to suggest.

Ann said...

It was a tricky one indeed. Thanks for asking your father. I'm sure he is masterful at this...Dave grew up in a laundromat so he knows some of the tricks. The dry-erase part was so perplexing. I thought rubbing alcohol would dissolve it, but it ended up being a concentration of Murphy's Pine Oil Soap. Go figure!