Wednesday, October 26, 2005

15 month checkup

We just returned from Grace's 15 month checkup. Here are the stats:

Height: 31 inches
Weight: 23 pounds

50th - 60th percentile on everything. Perfect.
She got four shots today including the flu shot. We'll have to get a booster flu shot a month from now to make it complete for the winter. After that her next shots are when she is four years old. (Um, that reminds me...I guess William will have shots this time.) I commented that she was not running around like a maniac and the doctor had her walk across the room and declared her perfectly normal in that skill. I'm not normally one to hurry the walking, but I wanted to make sure that she was on track after her difficult arrival. Grace then showed off by saying "button" and "frog jump" (while pointing to the wallpaper in the office). The girl is doing just fine. Just fine.


ruth said...

So were there frogs on the wall, or was the wallpaper jumping? ;-)

Congrats on a great check-up, Ann! Even though we *know* our kids are fine, it's always nice to have it confirmed professionally, isn't it?

Can I just say that my "always in the front row for pictures" *nine* year old was only 55 pounds (of pure muscle!) at his last check-up, in August? (A's never been off the charts, but some years he holds on by the skin of his teeth.)

Glad to hear that you're able to get flu shots for the kiddos. A. and I both had the flu last year (no one would give us shots with the shortage) and it was. not. fun. He gets his shot on Tuesday, B. gets his next week as well, and I am still trying to schedule mine.

I love reading your blog - not as good as living down the road, of course, but a nice connection nonetheless!

Hope life there is good. How are Jordan and William doing (oh, okay, and you and Dave, too ;-)?

Happy Friday ~ ruth

impromptublogger said...

Wow, big girl! Alyssa didn't reach that weight until she was 3 years old! Your nephew is a very cute guy.