Monday, October 17, 2005

music, memories, and mooing

DH and I are trying to recover from our busy weekend...does this mean we are getting o-l-d? (rhetorical question only for all you smart alecks) Three busy days/nights and we are exhausted. We did have fun though.

Friday seemed like an odd day -- so many different things. In the morning we started out with a teacher conference for Jordan. (Good report and we got to discuss the bullying situation in depth -- Jordan is being bothered by both a boy and girl in the classroom. I'll save the details for another post.) Dave and I stole away to breakfast and then ran back to the house to gather up the kids for a chance to go see Wallace and Grommit at the movie theater. I thought it was really cute, but I only experienced 25 minutes of it because of Miss Grace's desire to walk and talk. This is the second "emergency replacement" ticket I've received in a month. Hmmmm, anyone have toddler movie watching tips? Babies are so easy to take into the theater. ;-)

Friday night was wonderful. Dave got us tickets to the Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta. We saw a hip bluegrass group called Nickel Creek. (You should check out their music because it really might surprise you.) The Fox is just an incredible venue. I've heard about it for years, but never got to experience it. It's an old art deco theatre which has a fabric tent over the balcony. There are build up facades and architectural elements everywhere. Then, above all that is a ceiling which had a moving sky. The sun sets over that tent, the stars twinkle, and the clouds roll though like a normal sky. It's wonderfully dynamic. We were sitting about 14 rows from the front so we had awesome seats. Combine that with high quality music and it made for an awesome date. Nickel Creek has a really strong sound -- kind of a mix between celtic, bluegrass, and rock. I've heard them refer to themselves as "New Grass". Allison Kraus found them several years ago.

On Saturday we did all the usual gymnastic lessons and other chores. That night we dressed up again and went to Dave's 20th high school reunion at a downtown country club called Ansley Park. It was a lot of fun seeing him with his old friends. I especially enjoyed meeting the ones from his neighborhood. The whole party setup was beautiful -- the works right down to valet parking and the balcony view of Atlanta's skyline. So now he's started his reflecting upon old friendships. It's neat to see. Is there a difference between my reunion (small town) and his (big city)? Yes. Funny thing is that all the good things -- friendships and memories -- are still there.

Then on Sunday we went to church and then headed off to a Cagle Dairy Farm to experience Fall festivities. We ended up enjoying the dairy tour and animals as much as the pumpkins. Grace had an epiphany about animals that day. She was simply spellbound with the fact that cows really do make that "mooing" sound and that horses are beautiful animals. Her little brain was whirring. And, please give the best question of the day to my older daughter who asked the owner of the farm (after he shows us a border collie working the cows into submission), "When a cow is pregnant, what are the different stages she goes through until giving birth to the calf?" The poor man was so flustered that he simply moved onto the next question with an audible choking sound. Dave wanted to fall through the hay wagon at that point and he later suggested she visit wikipedia for the answer. ;-) Only my daughter.

So now you know why we are so tired. Dave is traveling on business tomorrow and I know he is secretly praying for some peaceful nights away from us. I'll get more pictures up soon.

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