Wednesday, October 12, 2005

photos from friday

These are mostly of the parade which was held downtown on Friday afternoon.
First a snapshot of my gang waiting for the parade. We picked a spot right in front of the Old First National Bank where my Dad worked for years. I've seen more than one parade on this corner. Jordan and William had a field day grabbing all the candy that was thrown from the floats.

Fire trucks carried the cheerleaders. Somewhere on that last firetruck is my cousin's daughter. We also had family members in the band as a majorette and saxaphone player. Too bad I'm such a bad photographer for action shots or you would see them here also. ;-)

Then a truck carrying the football team. I've never seen 18 wheelers used in the parade like this. Those boys are really big. Most of them looked to be six foot or more and ready for a SEC team.

This year's float theme was based on reality shows. We built floats like this when were were in high school. After working on the floats we would then go roll yards with toilet paper. Ah, fun in a small town.

Here is a snapshot of my friends Becky and Kim. Kim is now a teacher at the high school. I think I'll stand for all photos after seeing this. ;-)

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impromptublogger said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! It's great that you have so many friends from high school. I have never been to any of my reunions!