Monday, October 03, 2005

where i come from - part one

We left on Thursday afternoon for the reunion weekend. The car was loaded with kids and lot of hanging clothes for the weekend events. On Friday I completed the last of the grooming necessities -- manicure, pedicure, and the ceremonial waxing of the eyebrows. (I don't have to color any grey yet, but the unibrow is an issue. Scariest thing is to have hot wax put on you by a stranger on the day of the event. Luckily it turned out alright.) I suppose these are maintenance issues I normally ignore.

We headed to the parade around 2:00 pm and it was fun to watch a small town parade with the kids. I could not believe the number of 18 wheel trucks which were used to carry the football team, little league, and other groups. I had relatives in the band and on the cheerleading squad -- neat to see my cousin's children growing up. The homemade floats of students made me smile. Homecoming week float building is a big part of my high school memories. One of my old teachers stood beside us at the parade while Jordan and William grabbed candy from the roadway. And then the "Class of 1985" truck came by with 25 or so riding. "Ann! Why aren't you up here with us?!? Are you coming tonight?"

We made it to the reception at the Field House and all my nervousness fell away. My best friend, Becky, arrived just behind me and it felt like old times catching up with everyone. (Can you believe they had NO NAMETAGS? Do you know how scary that is when you've been officially away for 20 years?) People still have the same eyes after 20 years though...and as you walk through a room it gets easier. I've known some of these people since kindergarten. That is what's special about going to school in a small town. Your schoolmates - as much as you hate them at times because of immaturity -- are like your brothers and sisters. It was just so freaky to see us all as adults. The night was filled with lots of talking and sharing photos. I couldn't even get around to everyone. A dog wandered onto the million dollar field and someone picked up the German Shepard and put him back outside. (Only in Russellville would and animal show up on the field.) Russellville won the game 55-0 against Curry.

After the game some of us headed to the old Golden Corral. Yes, the old steakhouse -- it's been remodeled into a restaurant/club of sorts. One of my classmates has a "little band" that has regional success. They play in the old steakhouse (and at big events) on the weekends. Get this - my county has always been a dry county. No alcohol can be sold. So we sat at that steakhouse, rocked out to his success (How could Kerry be so good? Amazing!), and enjoyed catching up with sweet tea as the only elixir. It was nice, really nice. That's how quirky my hometown is.

-to be continued-

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Dorable said...

sounds like a great time! I came from a small town too. smallest public highschool in my state. Cant wait to hear the rest of the story.