Wednesday, October 19, 2005

new parents

While living in Maryland we became particularly close to a cousin (actually the child of Dave's first cousin) from Dave's side of the family. Joshua and Claudia are a very special couple. Tonight, as I type this, they are in the midst of having their first child. They've been married for a while -- made it through grad school, law school, and first jobs -- and now they are moving onto a new stage.

I just got my house full of monkeys in bed. The house seems to breathe a sigh of a relief when this happens. Tonight I sat down and said a special prayer for Joshua and Claudia. She's currently at 7 centimeters after being induced this morning. I know from experience that is the time when they start hovering over your bed discussing options. I know this is when exhaustion and stamina are wearing thin. But this is also the point when you realize that God is in control of your life -- and the life of this little one. It's the moment (and aren't there so many to follow?) where you realize that you are not in control. And soon I hope they will be experiencing the absolute euphoria of welcoming a baby boy into this world. Becoming a family is a special thing. I'll keep you updated tomorrow -- but say a little prayer for them tonight. New parents can use all the prayers we can muster. ;-)

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