Monday, October 10, 2005

i'm behind again

Now see? This is how I get behind. Normal life just takes over and a week flies by again. Here are my excuses for not posting the second part of the reunion update (coming soon):
  • Laundry. Enough said?
  • Have you ever heard of an "Early Release Day"? Those of you with preschoolers should take note. These are planned days during the school year that rock your whole schedule. On Wednesday we had one for a teacher workday or something like that. Next week Jordan gets a whole week of early release because of conferences. That means having all three kiddos at home from 12:30 forward. I think I need to plan some productive motherly activities to survive.
  • William started his speech therapy on Thursday. Apparently he has made great strides since the evaluation in June. (I'm trying to figure out if I just got the new therapist who doesn't hear all his problems or if a miracle has occurred. More on that topic another day.) Normally our occupational therapy is on Friday, but we had it Thursday morning...that meant a marathon doctor's office day with Wendy's in between. It was so tight timewise that Dave met Jordan's bus here at home. I scraped in just before 2:30, but it was close.
  • We finally bought a fixture to go over the kitchen table. The former owners left us this lovely little stained glass thing that was the cheapest thing they could find at Home Depot. We've tolerated it since moving, but the time has come to move the fixture to the right location and have light. We are getting our new table set this week -- round to fit our growing family --and will install the light when it arrives. We finally found the one we liked at Restoration Hardware. I swear I am not high maintenance...we did look all over town for options. Maybe Dave was just ready to bite the bullet and have the search end. Here's the link: and the shades
  • Grace is moving around like a madwoman. We installed more totlocs this weekend. She now shrieks when she comes to a locked door. Did I mention how cute she is now though? She's big on charming Dave nowadays. There is a smile that is only for him.
  • And in the interest of making this an epic post: We have had teenagers break into the neighborhood clubhouse this week. It just happens to be by our house so we are ones who get to observe and call the police at 12am. Saturday night was a fun night. No, we don't live in a "bad neighborhood", but some teenagers felt like they could smoke and joke at the clubhouse as if they paid the rent. Never mind that they've broken two deadbolts to do it. Nice sense of entitlement.

I could have written part two of the reunion post by now. ;-)


Dorable said...

I hate early release and teacher workdays. Im lucky that my kids are older now and can stay by themselves for spurts of time. But they still wreak havoc on my orderly lifestyle!!!

Ann said...

Yeah, my other lazy mom complaint is that I hate trying to arrange childcare to attend a child's school conference. Obviously none of my three indians would be quiet during the conference -- nor do they need to be there. I would be overjoyed if some productive teen from the high school figured out how to run a little service during conference weeks. I usually use my FIL or have to pay a babysitter. Honestly, I spend 99% of my time trying to arrange for things like this.