Tuesday, September 20, 2005

salt dough makes you a real mother

The dreaded special project paperwork came home a week or so ago. Build a 3-D/texturized map of the state of Georgia. Apparently not every class is doing it because some of my friends escaped from this part of motherhood this week. Now honestly, I do not do Jordan's work for her, but a project like this has to have some parental involvement and encouragement.

So last night, after deciding upon the basic requirements and enlarging the map, we started the messy part. Dave is out of town until Wednesday so I had all three kids to juggle while the project work commenced. Jordan was absolutely giddy as we mixed the salt and flour up with water. She just kept saying how cool it was. I guess salt dough looks more exotic than the brownies we normally make in a box. [grin] The scariest part was colorizing the various parts of dough. Food coloring is a scary thing to a woman with a white kitchen. After some discussion about whether watermelon red or aqua blue would be best for the different regions, we succeeded in completing the core of her project. She did a great job and I am ever so thankful for plastic silverware.

After Jordan went to bed (and the three ring circus subsided) I realized that she is getting older quickly. She accomplished her project like big kid...gulp, I think she is a big kid now. We have now crossed into the "carry the big project to school" zone.


ruth said...

Ann, you are one of the "real-est" moms I know ... salt dough be d@mned! :-) Somehow we have escaped that particular assignment so far, but it sounds pretty comparable to the "hey, let's make a volcano!" exercise we've gone through. Though your salt dough sounds infinitely prettier ("watermelon red" - HEE!) than our lava.

WOW, you can make brownies from a box, LOL??? Ours typically come from the bakery aisle of Acme (slacker mid-Atlantic mom that I am!), so I'm pretty darn impressed with your Martha-like tendencies!!

Great blog, girlfriend. But then again, I would have expected nothing less from you. {{{{}}}}

Ann said...

Thanks Ruth. If you think I am Martha Stewartesqe then I haven't been truthful. Our house is always a mess, I never get caught up on the laundry, and it seems like we are always right on the edge...I hope that's normal. ;-)

I hope I can get the formatting right on this blog soon. I suppose it would help if I had more than five minutes to myself. I can't get my brain cells to work amid the kid chaos and salt dough fumes.