Monday, January 02, 2006

comment of the day

We go out to lunch almost every Sunday. I'm sure I should be proficient at crock pot cooking or have a roast on, but this is reality. We are lucky to get to Sunday School each Sunday on time. Dave's favorite saying is stolen from Jeff Foxworthy -- "By the time I get to church, I NEED to be in church." So, we have pressed clothes, spotless faces, cram a breakfast down our throats on the way to the car and....we go out to lunch following church each Sunday because that is all we can manage. Sad, but true.

As we are headed out the parking lot yesterday the crew in the back starts saying how they are hungry and "where are we going to eat?". Dave says he'd like ribs and is planning on going to a restaurant called Smokey Bones. And then Jordan replied with the comment of the day:

"But Daaaad, they've outlawed smoking in Georgia restaurants! We can't eat smoked ribs."

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