Tuesday, January 17, 2006

have a laugh on me

Last night I headed out to Kroger after we got the kids to bed. Jordan needed candy for a school project. Apparently they are using m&ms in an economics project this week. I had intended to pick up the package all weekend, but I kept forgetting. So, I made a last minute run to handle the purchase. I thought it would be a breeze. Dave was home with all three kids. The kids were asleep and Dave was busy cleaning the kitchen. (Bless him.) What could go wrong? (Note to self: never ask this question again.)

Kroger has their main entrance closed on the 24 hour stores and you normally enter and exit from the same door near the single cash register they keep open. As I entered the store I heard someone exclaim, "Oh no!" and then I felt a splash down my entire right side of some kind of cold liquid. The Kroger bagger had dropped a gallon of milk, it burst, and landed on me and the floor. What seemed like an eternity passed and then the cashier handed me two measly napkins to wipe off with. There I stood, dripping with milk. To make matters worse, I had showered just a few hours before hoping to get ahead of my busy morning on Tuesday. Both the customer who was purchasing the milk and the bag boy looked mortified.

Finally I got the m&ms and headed to the one checkout available to face the wonderful bag boy again. Poor kid, he was groveling, apologizing, scared to death (though I never said what I was thinking -- I promise) of me. Let's just say the my simple errand to Kroger was a little more exciting than I had anticipated. Next time I'll get photos for your enjoyment.

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