Saturday, January 28, 2006

don't be shocked

I updated the blog. Oh? You thought It'd be something riveting? scandalous? whacko? Nah. Maybe some other day (and more likely in my past), but not today.

We are now a Tivo family. We've wanted to have that silly box for a while, but the silly monthly fees were just too much to consider. Dave figured out a way around that problem. Tivo offers a lifetime subscription for each box for a flat fee. Pay that when you buy your box and then there is no monthly fee. But, if you've done any research you know that the fee or lifetime subscription add up to way more than the price of the hardware box required to use the service. (Welcome to the new economy.) We bought a Tivo box off of ebay which carried the transferrable lifetime subscription and ended up with a box which was a month old. Awesome. The box came on Thursday and my resident networking genius has us hooked up. We are still learning the finer points of using the service, but even the kids thought Dad was cool for setting up the Tivo. Best part is that we don't have to watch the commercials. I may Tivo the Superbowl and watch only the commercials though. (Did I see your eyes roll, my Pittsburgh friends?)

On Tuesday I had a monumental day. Why? William was a model citizen. In fact, at the end of the day I teared up as I told Dave story after story of how mature he was all day. My goodness, I think the boy is becoming -- dare I say it? -- well behaved. The highlight of the day was when he browsed through our public library so casually picking out books like he had a starbucks to enjoy. Following that he stood still I as filled out his paperwork for his very first library card and he signed his own name. (The little guy has never stopped being a hurricane long enough for me to ever do that for him.) I looked over at dinner that night and he still had the card in his 4 year old hands while eating. My heart nearly burst for him. Simple things really are the reward of parenting. That day God gave me hope for the boy that I adore.

Tomorrow, after church, we are going to get Grace's 18 month photos taken. She turned 18 months last week and I think you'll be shocked at how much that baby look has disappeared. Please think of us around 1 pm EST. We may need your prayers...and I'm not kidding. Photos are another special part of parenting. I'm not sure you can consider them a reward though. At least not until the photo is in the envelope to grandparents.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
It's good to see an update and to hear of a great day for William. I share the sentiment of ..dare I say those good days are sometimes like the double stuff filling in an oreo..can be between 2 dark days of wondering when the skills of listening and being still will be mastered. I guess that's all part of being 4.
Good luck with pictures...I miss Picture's just been school pictures for us lately...not as much pressure.
Julie K.

Dorable said...

Hey can you not want to watch my husband Ben run around the field dominating everything and everyone? We have DVR - love it. FF thru all commercials and watch our shows when we are able.

Caroline said...

I am so exicted that William has crossed the line from toddler to little boy, it is an exciting time in a mothers life and also a time of tears. I am glad pictures are still in your world. Alia loves pictures, Tommy however doesn't at all. I need to get a picture of him really soon.
And you better watch the Superbowl and not just the commercials. Though my husband is in mourning his beloved Bears are not there. The rest of my family are cheering and are very excited for the entire team.


Blondie said...

Um, Ann, Myles is 14months and I haven't had any formal pics of him taken. Mason lucks out because of school you are waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of me.


Ann said...

Hey Julie! I like your oreo analogy. You've got double the boy power in your household so I know you've had some of the exhausting days too. Your boys are so cute though. I know they keep you laughing.

Hope things are going well for you and Ryan. We miss you lots. Could Ryan figure out how to come to Atlanta for a conference this summer? Maybe he needs to do some research at our new aquarium?

Ann said...

Caroline - I would think Tommy would go get any photos made as long as he has a baseball in his hands. He's such a cutie. We loved getting to know him and Alia last summer.

Are you having a superbowl party? I can only imagine how the Pittsburgh set feels about their team playing in the big game. Sorry about Tom's Bears.

Ann said...

Dori...I can only imagine what you are wearing on the big day! I'm really excited for you. I still like college football better. Sorry...but my DH's family is VERY excited since they live in PA.

The tivo has already helped out a few times. I hate having to rush around for a 9:00 program that I enjoy. "24" is one of my favorites.

Ann said...

Marcie - Myles is such a cutie. Get thee to a photo studio. ;-)

Caroline said...

Hi Ann, you are so right, Tommy starts little league this year. I am trying to find him a Chicago Cubs thing to wear for a picture. My kids ask all the time when are we going back to Atlanta, they really loved it there. Alia says she misses Jordan, and would like her to come here or her go there.

We are having one here. Apparentally we are the party animals in our circle of friends and family. As for Tom he will get over it. I didn't think they were going to make it any way.

Hopefully next Sunday will be a happy day for all. Good luck with tivo.