Wednesday, January 04, 2006

welcome 2006

If you are wondering why I am unable to post pictures and witty words this week I can explain it in a few bullet points:
- I am lost in the abyss of Jordan's room.
- The Christmas decorations (copious amounts of them) must be put away this week for their own safety. I am happy to report that no ornament sustained toddler or kid damage. It's a miracle!
- I've been cleaning. (don't laugh - I hear you out there making rude comments)
- I'm still fighting the crowds at the YMCA.
- Sigh, the whole rat race and schedule starts off with a bang next week when Girl Scout Cookie Sales begin.
- Did I mention that I have all three kids at home this week to entertain?

I sat down to write a wonderful recap of 2005 and state my gratefulness for making it through another busy year. But then I just sat and sighed. A year ago I was still recovering from Grace's birth. A year ago my father was in a cardiac ICU situation when his genetic heart conditioned had worsened to a critical state. A year ago I had intended to do a million things around the house. A lot has happened in a year.

The best Christmas present ever was cooking Christmas dinner two weeks ago with my father again this year in my home. He turned 70 on New Year's Eve and I know that is a true blessing for our whole family. I consider his good health nothing short of a miracle after the problems he experienced in the first five months of 2005. I'm still working on the fitness bit, but I've basically recovered from Grace's birth. Silly as it seems, that experience left me lost physically. It has taken over a year for my iron levels to return to normal and slowly, but surely, I am regaining my strength. I guess my overall goal is to lose the weight that has plagued me for years, but more than that I want to feel strong again. I've been working out at the YMCA since May and truly believe I am on the right path. No miracles have occurred, but I feel in control of the situation and able to make a difference.

I've resolved to get us organized around our house. It's a constant battle that's been made worse by moves, family illness, and babies. I'm due for a yard sale this spring to clear out all those things that we just don't need anymore. Also, it's my goal to get to the special things we own and finish the work necessary to display them within the house. There are so many personal items that I've packed away to protect during the moves and never brought out to enjoy.

And I think William has resolved that his room is to be painted BLUE soon. He asks us daily when we are going to pick up the paint. Dave went to Home Depot the other day and I thought William was going to chase him down the road. The little guy has waited patiently and now it is his turn. I think we'll be using lots of that blue tape in a month or so.

Whew, I'm tired and 2006 has just begun.


Anonymous said...

Boy do I miss you! Your life mirrors mine in so many ways..1 less baby that's true...but all the struggles to organize, stay healthy and appreciate every moment of friends and families. I love your resolutions and share in them with you. Like Bob the Builder (the current hero in our house) says "Yes, we can!" Now off to clean this dumping ground of a desk!
Julie K.

Ann said...

Hi Julie!
Thanks for posting. I love having your comments on my blog. ;-) It's funny, when I reread the post I thought how selfish all my "resolutions" sounded. Really there are good thoughts behind all of them to be the best wife, mother, and christian woman I can be. There are so many other sad things going on in the world though. It's hard to stay focused.

We miss you guys too....can't believe that 2.5 years have passed since Annapolis. Let me know how the desk cleaning goes. ;-)