Wednesday, January 18, 2006

something only a mother could love

We had to throw something out on garbage day last week. It was nothing fancy. While living in Hawaii I bought the simple stool to paint for Jordan. Time passed and we were moving back to the mainland with a toddler...and my little art project went by the wayside. The stool got used daily for toothbrushing. One day, just a few months after William was born I saw scribbles on it. It happens when you have kids around. They just can't resist drawing on some surfaces. As my frustration subsisided I realized how very sweet the drawing was. There was Jordan's 4 year old handwriting -- backwards "J" and "N". And just below that was a drawing of her with William. The big sister and her little brother. Look at his little smiling face. No amount of decorative paint I could use on that stool could compare with the love that a little graffiti artist bestowed on it. Only a mother would want a photo of it before it left our household.

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jill b said...

i wholeheartedly agree, ann.

it's beautiful.