Thursday, January 05, 2006

sibling negotiations

This morning Jordan and William were building a car with the cardboard bricks that my parents got William for Christmas. Jordan, being the older sibling, took command of the situation. Here's how the laughable moment sounded:

JORDAN: Now William, we'll take this and make it into a steering wheel so the car can be driven.
WILLIAM: Oh yeah! Let's do it! Then I can drive the car!
JORDAN: Oh well, you see I'm the oldest so I will be the one to drive the car. You have to sit in the backseat.
WILLIAM: Um, does the backseat have a DVD player?
JORDAN: Oh no, we will not have a DVD player in this car. (Hypocritically, the queen of movie memorization says.)
WILLIAM: That's bad Jordan. What will I do while you are driving?

A momentary pause in the conversation occurs, and then:

JORDAN: OK William, I've changed my mind. We will build a DVD player in the ceiling of our car. You will drive and I will sit in the backseat.
WILLIAM: Hooray! I get to drive! Oh wait -- that means I won't get to watch the DVD. Mooooom! Jordan won't let me watch the DVD in our car!

Hmmm, should I mediate issues over cardboard brick cars with pretend DVD players???


Blondie said...

LOL, too cute!

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Caroline said...

Hi Ann,

I loved that conversation. Just wanted to let you know I finally got a blog. I call it My Life and Kids.