Wednesday, September 27, 2006

goodbye summer, hello fall

We've had the best weather lately and it's all due to the seasonal change. While I am sad to see summer come to an end for many reasons, I am thrilled to see a new season roll into my life. Most people dream of a place where it is endless summer. We loved living in California and Hawaii, but paradise is nothing compared to a crisp Fall day after the heat of a Southern Summer has passed away. Everyone is in a good mood, people come out to play, and the shadows are long. The kids had a blast playing together this afternoon. Grace is big on her baby stroller right now and prefers ponytails to pretty bows. William is still a speed machine, but now stops to analyze an ant path along the way or bother his sisters. Jordan is introspective and happy when given a blank slate of time and sidewalk. I loved the cooperation that occurred when they decided to trace William's shadow.

Wednesday means t-ball for Will and drama club for Jordan - but today they just played. Hello Fall.

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4xLucky said...

I love fall too - absolutely my favourite season!
Those pics are so great! Grace is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! The look on her face behind that stroller!