Monday, September 18, 2006

the time has come

Yes my friends, the time has arrived. We've been quite busy setting up Grace in her big girl bed this weekend. After much debate we decide to let Grace share a room with Jordan and both girls seem to be thrilled about the idea. There are other bedrooms available in the house, but no more on the second floor near the master bedroom. At least while the kids are young we are trying this arrangement. Little kids always come immediately to their parent's side when sick and we didn't want anyone to be on the first floor trying to find us in the middle of the night. Besides, that would mean we have to trust them. ;-)

We are still trying to get the final details organized, but there are now two beds in place and the furniture has been moved around in a new configuration. We went to IKEA this weekend and purchased a small junior sized bed which will be safer for Grace. It is much larger than a crib, but not quite as big as a twin. The best part is that there is a built in bedrail and we don't have to push it against a wall to be safe. We let the girls pick out the duvet covers while at the store so they would match. Jordan ended up finding a lively pink polka dot pattern which is very pleasant. It works well with the existing wall color and will lend itself to the Hawaiian theme I am planning for the room. William ended up getting a new duvet cover also while we were there. He's been such a good sport by waiting to have his room painted that we didn't mind splurging to make him excited about his room. Nothing at IKEA is outrageously priced. Dave and I have quite a few projects ahead of us.

For the moment Grace has continued to sleep in her crib until we can get all the big girl hazards up and out of the way. You know a toddler is bound to wander and I don't want her taking shampoo or lip gloss around the house for fun at 2 am. We are now trying to work out a way to fit all the girl's stuff in without looking cluttered. Jordan has been keeping her room perfectly clean since school started (motivated by her allowance money) so I felt bad rearranging the whole room...thankfully she is excited about the whole arrangement. Jordan went to sit on Grace's bed this afternoon and Grace made it clear that it was her territory. As soon as Jordan eased herself into a sitting position Grace pointed a finger at her and said, "No Mam!" Jordan quickly mentioned reading a book Grace eased her stance and cuddled up beside her.

Jordan had one of the largest bedrooms in the house. In addition to the basic bedroom space there is an unfinished alcove area under the eaves of the room which is accessable via a door. Eventually we'll get some kind of finished hideaway in there. There is plenty of room for a desk area, shelves, and a sitting area or built in bed for guests.

Saturday almost killed Dave and I. We started with t-ball, ate lunch, and then split up to carry kids to birthday parties and volleyball games. After that we did the final IKEA run. We were literally hobbling into the house after all that was over. Dave's back and my feet have barely recovered...and I don't want to hear any jokes about us getting old. Have you tried to keep up with three children for a day. Oh yeah, most of you are my friends which means you have tried that workout. Oh well, you know what I mean about busy Saturdays. Motrin has been our best friend lately.

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