Monday, September 25, 2006

thought process of a toddler

Grace noticed that we had dirty feet after being outside barefoot on Saturday for a few moments. (Gasp!) I mentioned that we would clean them off later, then went onto my next chore. About 15 minutes later I am upstairs checking on the progress as Jordan searches for her volleyball kneepads and I hear:

"Momma? I all clean now!"

I walk down the hallway to my room and see my little kiddo standing there so proudly. Uh oh, I think to myself.

Sniff. What's that smell? Blueberry? Oh no that is William's shampoo! (Still thinking to myself here.)

"My feet ALL CLEAN Momma! Hands, too!" Notice child has only diaper on and has removed shirt and shorts.

Uh, the carpet has just been cleaned a mere two weeks...what in the world will I find here?"

"Hi Grace. Whatcha been doing?"

"I all clean in the shower." We walk to the master shower. I see blue soap all over the floor of the shower. Breathe sigh of relief and wash Grace's blue parts off.

Sniff. Smell current diaper offerings. Not so clean anymore.

NOTE TO SELF: Never use the word "later" loosely around a toddler.

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Blondie said...

Yeah, your third kiddo and you are JUST realizing that? Tisk, Tisk.