Thursday, September 07, 2006

happy birthday buddy

Today is William's fifth Birthday. He is so very excited about turning five. It's been a joy to watch him grow and mature this year. I truly feel like this has been a year where his personality and skills have multiplied. He's a lover of all things related to robots, pirates, space travel, and science. Outgoing is an understatement lately. I have to drag him from his social planning after school each day and it appears he is making friends on the playground with no problems. He's one of my favorite people to talk to right now and I love his questions about God and the universe.

Here is William at breakfast this morning:

William with Ms. Molly at school:

William and I made ice cream cone cupcakes on Wednesday to share with his class today. Here they are getting ready for snacktime:

William and Grace at the table. Grace thought she was such a big girl sitting with the kids. Will began to socialize and while he looked away Grace took his cupcake.

Here she is enjoying the stolen cupcake. William was so busy talking that he didn't ever notice.

She REALLY enjoyed that cupcake!


4xLucky said...

Oh Ann - that is just wonderful. How great he is so social! Didn't miss his cupcake??? That says a lot about a 5 yo boy and where his priorities are!!! I'm impressed!

Grace is too cute! I'm surprised though that W's teacher allowed that. I've never heard of it before - is it common where you are?

Ann said...

First of all - Sarah you are so sweet to send that card with all you are juggling. Thank you. I can't wait to show William when he gets home.

Most classrooms allow you to bring a birthday treat for the class to share during snacktime. I just asked the teacher ahead of time. Jordan is getting to the older age now where it has to be done during the lunchtime and not in the classroom. I think first grade was the last time we shared it in the classroom. It makes for a lot of birthday celebrations on the parent wonderful as my parents were they never had a "school celebration" for me in addition to the regular party.

I'm lucky that Grace behaved decently and that the teachers welcomed us.

ruth said...

I LOVED these pix!! What great shots! (and, yowza, could William look any MORE like you???) We did the multi-party thing too when A was younger, but with us it morphed to THREE parties: One at school in June for the "summer b'day kids", one at camp on his actual b'day, and one for his friends. It was a little insane, LOL!

You referred to William as "Will" in one of the descriptions; I don't think I've ever heard/read that from you before! Was it a typo, or is it just getting exhausting typing and repeating "William" ad infinitum? (My cousin swore her son would always, ALWAYS be called "Jonathan" and that lasted, oh, until about 1st grade! He's now in HS and is "Jon" all the way!)

Cupcakes look yummy! Do you have "peanut allergy" rules where you are? Chocolate would be tough for us to do here ... We have so many stipulations about the ingredients in what we send in that it adds a whole 'nother layer of issues.

LOVED the shots of Grace. She is soooo cute - and whatta personality!!

Happy, Happy 5th to your big boy - and congrats to you too, mom! Social, sweet, smart, giving ... you are obviously doing this parenting thing VERY well, my friend!

Caroline said...

Ann, it is hard to believe William is 5 all ready he looks so grown up, since we saw him last year. You have great looking kids. Send me the recipe for the ice cream cone cupcakes I may try them for Tommy's birthday. Looks like they had fun at the party.

rtzpm said...

Ann, The kids look great and the treats look yummy. We are no longer allowed to bring homemade treats to the schools in Forsyth County, they have to be store bought and the teacher has to see the seal on the box. Too many peanut allergies! See you Saturday.

Beth Carder

Beth Carder said...

Sorry about that previous note, I'm new at this,.


Dorable said...

HB William. Wow, he is all grown up.