Wednesday, August 30, 2006

favorite things

Jordan had to do a writing assignment which started with a list of her favorite things. Those are:
Mom and Dad
The Beach
My Sister Grace
Spring Break
Light blue

and from that list she had to choose her subject for the next descriptive list. She choose "My Sister Grace" as her topic. Here is the list:
Cute as a button
Sweet as candy
Loves to read
A good friend
Can walk
Can talk
Is two years old
Loves babydolls
Can listen
Has a short attention span
Loves piggy-back rides
Is fun to play with
Is smart
Can say whole sentences
Still sleeps in a crib
Likes Little Einsteins
Likes to watch Backyardigans
Loves her family
Loves to play in water
Likes to swing
Likes Disneyworld


Caroline said...

Wow those are some lists.

Ann said...

Notice that William was not included in the first list though.

Sue said...

LOL Ann. I was wondering where William was on the list. I'm sure she loves him too!!!! I remember when Michael was in Middle School, he had to give a presentation about something and he chose Ashley. I think she was 2 at the time and I took her to the classroom thinking she'd just sit still while he did his "speech." No way, she was all over the classroom, talking up a storm, pestering every child in the classroom. He got an A- on the speech. One of his teacher's comments was "He kept calm and focused during the chaos!!" LOL.

Ann said...

That's hilarious Sue. I'd say A- is pretty good considering the distraction level of a two year old.

Caroline said...

I don't think Alia would ever do a report on Tommy. I am almost positive he wouldn't do one on her either. How is school going? We just finished our first week and things seem to be going well.

4xLucky said...

Awww, that's so CUTE!
Lucky Grace!