Wednesday, August 22, 2007

weekend fun

Last weekend was fast and furious.Dave had the rare incidence of a business trip which lasted through Saturday. He had already purchased tickets to a comedy show as a surprise date. I have to give him total credit for prearranging babysitting and then rushing from the airport ot meet me at the comedy club just in time for the show. We saw Gabriel Iglasias from last season's television show, Last Comic Standing. He was truly talented and we got to enjoy some much needed laughter.

Earlier that day I took Jordan, William, and Grace to a neighborhood birthday party. It was an awesome water-themed party featuring a huge waterslide which the kids enjoyed immensely. (Thanks McK!) It was a great idea because the kids were hardly interested in leaving the slide after the water started flowing over it. We adults just hung around and enjoyed the show. Here is Grace in a rare quiet moment at the party:

And then William in the mouth of the dragon:

Then on Sunday we attended a small group "end of summer" swim party at a church friend's home. The kids really enjoyed the pool with Dave:

Last Friday Jordan's school celebrated the end of the big remodel (adding 39,000 square feet to the facility) by releasing 800+ balloons into the air while out on the school track. Here is a shot that Jordan's teacher (Love her!) took of Jordan with some classroom friends:

I'm off for a day of learning tomorrow. I am taking a course about Adobe Flash CS3 in downtown Atlanta. I can't wait to enjoy some brain food.

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