Friday, August 24, 2007

no novel for me

About two years ago I had an idea for a book. I wrote down a few notes and then went on with living. I'm not truly a writer, but more of a graphics person and really had no discipline to carry out the random thought that had come my way. I did think about that idea occassionally and I went back to the word file and added a few brainstorming ideas, but never fleshed it out. This year my plot ideas has come to fruition as a real life news story. In my opinion the toy recalls are only the beginning of this story. Consumer goods -- ones that we all love to buy for our households and kids -- are plaqued with a quality control issue that threatens to affect all of us healthwise.

I honestly cannot look at a toy, cheap piece of jewelry, or kitchen item without wondering if I should test it for lead or other substances. I push this thought aside each day to function, but it completely sickens me to think that there could be so many sources of poison in my household. Here is a link to a podcast and corresponding news article I viewed on npr's website detailing the experience of one family trying to live without items made in China. I found it eye-opening.

Family finds it difficult

I should have written the abstract for the book. I could have been on the best seller's list by this time.


Dorable said...

LOL! I think of this every time I have an idea and then see it on QVC or something!

Ann said...

So close and yet so far, right? You are the greatest chance I have to know a gret novelist. Keep on writing Dori! ;-)