Monday, August 13, 2007

first day of school 2007

I do love the first day of school -- always have. There is so much promise in a new year. And in the first few days the flurry of startup hides the fact that our schedule will soon be filled with baseball, chorus, drama club, girl scouts, and dance classes. Well, back to the usual schedule. Those of you who are parents of school aged children will understand. Life changes dramatically once you have a child who is beholden to the school schedule. There are very few vacations you will take which do not depend on a momentary check of the school calendar...and hardly any you will take which cause absences. Here's my advice to those of you who have little ones or no children...take all the fall and early spring vacations you want NOW!

Do any of you consider the beginning of school like the beginning of a new year? I feel that moreso than New Year's Eve. Perhaps it is the side effect of being a teacher's kid when young.

William seemed to have a great day and was full of information when he arrived home. His daily folder indicated a "3" which is perfect according to the teacher's discipline scale. (The scale actually goes to 4, but she rarely gives 4s since that is for extraordinary feats. 2 and 1 would mean a difficult day. I hope to see very few of those!) Jordan loved her teacher and is excited about the cool year ahead. (Apparently she has the cool techie teacher who knows all the tricks and is an Auburn Alum.)


Caroline said...

My 1st day isn't coming for 2 weeks. Yes, take your vacations while your kids are young or else if you wait you are subject to the school schedule.

ruth said...

Awww - I LOVE "back-to-school"! The year will always begin in September for me. A. goes back right after Labor Day this year; we have a date to go school supply shopping this week, which is a big deal for us. Something about all of those cool binders and pencils and folders ... almost makes you forget what those binders and pencils and folders will look like by June, LOL!

How'd Grace do when the older two got on the bus this morning? Did she enjoy having you to herself, or was she feeling left out of the school fun?

I hear ya on the scheduling stuff (and I have only ONE kiddo!) I volunteered to be assistant soccer coach this year. 'Nuff said!

Have a wonderful school year, my friend!

Caroline said...

Ann, Tommy was looking at the blog with me and I was telling him you guys started this week. He gave me a funny look and ran to tell Alia

Dorable said...

My kids certainly cant wait. Neither can I!!! Yes, school years are years for me as well. When i think of my youngest being on her own, I do so in school years. Glad everyone had a good first day!