Thursday, August 09, 2007

meet and greet (as promised)

Today was Meet and Greet at our elementary school. William was beside himself waiting to meet his teacher this morning and was the first one to spring out of bed. We wisely left Grace with a babysitter so we could fill out more forms and meet teachers without the frenzy of a three year old's mentality. First we meet teachers and toured the newly renovated school and then we attended a little neighborhood get together of all the kindergarteners in our subdivision. We took a quick picture of the gang and I can't wait to see how they change through the years.

Here is William (holding the classroom mascot - a star bear) with his new teacher who seems an infinately patient and seasoned teacher:

Jordan with her friend Sarah:

The neighborhood gang after lemonade and cookies:


ruth said...

No Way! William is in kindergarten, and Jordan is going into FIFTH grade???? And, whoa, Grace is THREE?? I'm trying to remember how old our kiddos were when we met - has it really been *that* many years, my friend? Your kiddos all look WONDERFUL, btw. :-)

Glad to hear that your summer has been such a nice one overall, and that everyone is waiting eagerly for school to begin. Hope your job search is going well, and that you find your optimal position soon (if you haven't already!)

Take care, and enjoy that "first day of school quiet" when it descends!

Ann said...

Hey Ruth!

Well, I truly owe you an email. I've missed corresponding with you and hope you've had a good summer. I joined our little group while pregnant with William so that would be almost 7 years ago! We met in Philly for the gathering when William was about 9 months old. He's grown a bit since then...the boy is almost to my shoulders.

Thanks for the post...can't wait to catch up with you.

cdjenkins said...

My friend, Julia, has family in Roswell. I said we had family in Marietta, but when she said Roswell, I couldn't remember which one it was! I know they are close to each other and suburbs of Atlanta.

cdjenkins said...

I think my family might have lived in both places, Marietta and Roswell...but I just checked our address book and they currently live in Roswell and have for a while. Yes, they go to church...I think Methodist, but I don't know which one specifically. They have twin girls who are 24 or 25 and a son who is 21 or so. My aunt is in mortgage loans and my uncle, the last time I knew, was selling medical books but he might have changed jobs recently.