Thursday, August 16, 2007

A reason to smile

I've been following the story of a blogger friend in Texas who now has 4 little miracles in her life. I found Suzanne's blog through friends just before she became pregnant last year and her positive attitude and inspiring spirit have caused me to smile many days. Can you imagine being pregnant for the first time and finding out you are expecting quads??? The most amazing part is that she managed to make it to her 31st week before delivering the babies -- three boys and one girl. (That's one of the first pictures taken of them together as a set of quads. Up until now they've been in isolettes alone.) Take a look at her blog and see some of the older posts which will explain how it all happened. Tell me that you hate her -- she had just barely begun to have stretch marks at the end of her pregnancy. Honestly though, her faith took her through so many scary moments and it is always uplifting to see the hand of God in the world. Tell me what you think. Did it make you smile just a bit?

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