Sunday, September 11, 2005


I don't think I will ever forget that date. William was born on September 7th and by the early morning of September 11th he was in a John's Hopkins hospital because of his severe jaundice. My body was still racked with pain and my exhausted spirit was pretty upset that we had to return to the hospital with our beautiful boy. Then it happened.

We awoke in our hospital chairs to find the world falling apart. It was so surreal. Each nurse that came in seemed in a daze...we were all in a daze. We were all glued to the happenings and perplexed at how this could happen before our eyes. Soon my mother called to say that she was going to get Jordan from school. The interstates closed between DC and Baltimore. There I sat trying to nurse a sick, mad baby as the security we had felt just hours before disappeared. And soon we would find out that one of our best Navy buddies had been killed at the Pentagon. CAPT Robert Dolan was Dave's roomate on the USS Richmond K. Turner, CG-20, during the Gulf War and Bosnia. H e left a wife and two beautiful children behind. So unfair. We went to the funeral a few months later with old shipmates and his wife was amazingly strong. We were the ones falling apart.

We've gotten more information since 9/11, but no real solutions have occurred. Our lives have continued, but I feel almost guilty for that. It could have been me -- it could have been you. I'm an eternal optimist, but 9/11 is one of those life changing events for me. I appreciate so many of the little things now.

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