Thursday, September 15, 2005

surreal experience

Flashback to a year ago. I was fragile, very fragile. Grace’s birth left my health at the bottom of the barrel. Honestly, I could barely make it though a few hours out of bed. Then a few months later (on Christmas Eve to be exact) my father's hereditary heart condition got dramatically worse. It was cruel irony that after nursing me back to health (along with Dave and my mother) he should be at the brink of death. And he stayed that way until some surgery occurred in March. Last winter was rough.

So, can you imagine how surreal it was for me to be working out at the YMCA right next to my father on the treadmill? I've truly been blessed. It was just odd to see him right there and later to share weight machine tips with him. Really odd. I guess we've both come a long way this year.


Dorable said...

Yes, it sure sounds like youre blessed! So glad to hear your dad is doing well!

Ann said...

Dori, I remember some of the things you have said about your father...and I especially remembered them when Dad was near the edge. Your memories have served to make me more grateful. Thank you.