Wednesday, September 28, 2005

rocks, clean caps, and a spunky strider

Well, Jordan is off on a field trip this morning. After two days off (thanks to Sonny Perdue) I packed her disposable lunch into her backpack and said good bye. Her class is going to the Weinman Mineral Museum in Cartersville, Georgia. She is thrilled. I used to love rocks as a kid and Jordan loves them as much. Just as monumental (according to Jordan) is the fact that they can bring up to $5 for the gift shop. This morning as she was getting dressed we got to hear about how they've "never been allowed to even press their noses against the gift shop window on a field trip, much less buy something." Apparently their teacher is bringing a stapler and sealing each goodie bag as it comes out of the gift shop. Jordan plans on buying an emerald. I hope she finds one for $5.

In other news, apparently my busy four year old inserted his Old Navy ballcap into the dry cleaning bag. (Lazy us, we get free pickup and I use it on a regular basis. There is normally a dry cleaning bag hanging in the main coat closet for dry cleanables.) Dave was unwrapping all his shirts and pants and found the ballcap neatly dry cleaned and pinned to a hanger. I don't even want to know what we paid to dryclean a ballcap.

Grace has gotten busy walking this week. She's been taking a step here or there for a month or more, but now is running across the room with toy in hand. I think we passed from baby to toddler this week...not only the walking, but now she cares if William messes with her toys. William took something of hers the other day and he got an earful. She even came to Dave and tattled on William. I think the girl has some spunk about her. ;-)

Congrats to the Braves for clinching the division title. (story here)


ruth said...

I love having these opportunities to see your life through your eyes, Ann. And what a wonderful life it is, my friend. That's all I have to say. :-)

Ann said...

Ruth, She found an emerald for less than $5. My little shopper. ;-)