Thursday, September 15, 2005

imaginary friends

We ate at Carrabbas restaurant on the night of William's birthday. Jordan sat busily working on her menu drawings and puzzles. The blank space allotted was for a drawing of yourself and your friend. Jordan drew two girls on a playground. When I asked who the friend was she said it was her imaginary friend. (I love the fact that an eight year old is still tender hearted enough to admit that she has an imaginary friend.)

"Do you want to know my friend's name?" said Jordan
"Sure, what is her name?" I replied not expecting the answer.
"Perfect. Her name is Perfect."


ruth said...

Oh! I love this. I love that your daughter is so willing to let her incredible imagination "roll" as she does, and I love that you are obviously doing stuff *very* right by making her feel secure enough to do so.

A. had a very real imaginary friend when he was younger: Sinkplayer. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Apparently Sinkplayer was "very, very tiny". He was rarely absent from our house ... until one day he went home with his parents and never came back. :-( I still miss Sinkplayer sometimes.

Perhaps A. and Jordan and Perfect and Sinkplayer can all meet for ice cream someday. They can talk (okay, and maybe roll their eyes a bit) about the parents (real and imaginary) who brought them all together.

Ann said...

Too funny. I haven't met Perfect's parents yet. I'm quite sure they are not perfect. KWIM?