Thursday, September 15, 2005

and another week flies by...

Hypothetically I should post here daily...but that's just not realistic. Some days there will be multiple posts and some weeks I will be living blog free. Last week was one of those weeks. ;-)

William turned 4 on September 7th. He's so great right now. I love this age. Finally he is becoming a real human....not a marathon runner. We had his birthday party at a local park here. ( with a Buzz Lightyear theme. Although I had reserved the pavillion months ahead of time I was still nervous about how the timing would work in a public facility like that. It fell together perfectly. We served pizza planet pizza (Dominos - which was better tasting than I thought. I have a college memory or two that never allowed me to order dominos in my adult life.) and had Little Green Men grapes. Then the cake and ice cream. I had some dilusional idea that I needed planned games for the kids, but all they wanted to do was play on the playground. I thought that was great. The party wasn't huge - only 9 friends/cousins plus all the adults which came along. My parents were there, my sister and her family drove through the night on Friday night to attend, and Dave's father was there.

This birthday party was completely manageable, but I have to say that birthday party planning and execution totally exhaust me. Last year at Jordan's birthday party we invited a large number of kids thinking that some would RSVP "no". No one did. We ended up with 28 kids in attendance at her luau. Fortunately it all worked out fine, but it took every family member to keep the party running and we were worthless for days.

William has been running around with his light saber every since the party. My mother kept calling it a "light stick" and William corrected her every time. He's very serious about being a Jedi Knight. (Photos soon.)

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