Sunday, September 25, 2005

it's all a scam

DH and I went shopping yesterday for the reunion outfits. Dave earns big time husband points for enduring the day with three children. We survived the day and bought more than we should. Honestly, we just don't go to the mall much anymore. Now I know why. It was actually a pleasant day considering all the mall chaos.

Anyway, I think that the clothing industry and high schools are in cahoots. Everyone I ran into yesterday was shopping for a reunion event. I was feeling rather vain wanting a new outfit or two (after all I've evolved to a mostly Mom closet), but apparently everyone goes out to freshen up their wardrobe right before a reunion. Fall must be reunion time...and I think the clothing industry must thrive on it.

Oh yes, our fair govenor decided to close school for two days to save on fuel costs. Not sure what people are supposed to do at the last minute for childcare. I'll have the whole crew home with me for Monday and Tuesday.

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