Monday, August 28, 2006

creatures, checkups, and celebrations

First I should tell you that strange creatures in odd combinations are taking over our house. William has been letting Buzz and Woody ride the dinosaur and I've been enjoying the narration he gives while playing. It's pretty fun to watch. I snapped this picture the other day.

Grace went for her two year appointment last Thursday. I guess technically it is her 25 month appointment since her mother isn't the most organized. We had a rather peaceful appointment with all good news. The little girlie is now 29 lbs and 35 inches tall...putting her into the 75-80th percentile. Here is a photo of Grace with Dr. Nevius.

Finally I am in the midst of trying to plan William's 5th birthday party. He had a hard time deciding on a know, so many superheroes. Actually I was proud of him because his final two choices were a space theme or pirate theme. He finally decided on a pirate theme and I finished the invitations this weekend. I did the basic design and got it onto parchment and then Dave burned the edges to give them a older look. I thought they turned out very well for homemade. I really enjoy this part of the party planning process. It's a lot of fun bringing everything together. I've found some good websites with good party ideas and I plan to implement it all to keep those kids busy. I've placed the order to Oriental Trading Company for the basic necessities and pirate booty and now I have to get the other things organized for the party games. (I guess I should clean house too. We handed out a lot of the invitations at church yesterday and then took some around the neighborhood and William was so darn cute giving them to everyone. He was about to burst with excitement. Here's what they looked like (with personal info blurred):


4xLucky said...

You are really raising that bar for the rest of us you know!
Those invites look great!
And woohoo on Grace - what a good checkup.

Ann said...

Thanks Sarah. If you saw what a mess my house was then you wouldn't be so impressed. I continue to keep you in my thoughts. I know things will look up soon for your family.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed too, Ann! I was stressing over our upcoming 5th birthday and Ryan said why don't we just do every other year big parties...huge sigh of relief for me and hopefully that will go over with party boy. I'm always impressed with moms who are great at pulling it all together so well. We still fondly remember William and Dylan's 1st birthday party. Happy 5th birthday, William!!