Monday, August 21, 2006

waiting for jordan

Last week Grace waited for Jordan at the living room window. We normally pick up William at 2:15 and then beat it back home to meet Jordan by 2:35. Some days we get near the bus stop before she unloads, but last Friday we waited inside. Notice the bracelets -- oh so many bracelets -- on her upper arm? She insists on decking herself out each day with bracelets and purses. She wears it all like she's done it for years. It gets a smile out of everyone we pass on our daily errands. You know you've got quite the little personality with you when some big dude stops weightlifting long enough to remark how cute the kid is. Grace usually just waves back in a queenly way. Is it possible that Dave and I have produced the most outgoing child of our family?

Today also marks the end of our tomato crop for the year. I walked out to pick a tomato and found some big wicked looking red ants eating just the tomato I had in mind for our meal. I've really enjoyed having the convenience of a fruit bearing vines outside on the deck. I hate to see the season end, but when the critters start digging into the crop my limited gardening experience must bow to nature. The signal must go out to every animal and insect capable of feeding off the crop. Last year I had the plants in the ground near the fence. Around the end of July some really gross, huge caterpillar (fruitworm?) attacked 5 plants overnight and took my whole crop out. Leaves, tomatoes, and many of the vines. The only leaf left was the one the worm was hanging out under. I figure the ants are just the forerunner of one of those nasty worms, so tonight the vines made it to the yard bag in time for tomorrow's garbage run. At least we got an extra month out of the vines.


Dorable said...

Cannot believe how grown up Grace looks. Apparently the bracelet fetish doesnt go away because my 12 yr old wears them, LOL!

Ann said...

I think the bracelet/jewelry obsession must be personality based. She insists on that little ponytail on top of her head because it is the closest thing she can come to Jordan's big ponytail. Just within the last week she has begun telling me what to do and how to do it. I think the girl has an opinion on everything.

RangerGrrl said...

She is going to be all girl. What a great picture!